Manufacture in its purest form – use your stamp to give your print products a hand made, personal touch. 

  • Stamp area 80 ✕ 50 mm – perfect for business cards
  • beautifully designed, classically made of wood
  • simply personalize your own products
  • Ihr Design

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You do not want to leave all the work? Then print yourself! With your own stamp.

We fell in love for the first time with the craftsmanship aesthetics of the stamp. The color is never completely applied, the angle and position on the paper are always different, depending on where you put it. Does not make the use of a stamp incredibly charming? Incidentally, the stamp fits perfectly with our business cards with blank business cards . Or our notebook, the wolf notes . But the stamp gives your business paper this rough style of tools.

Incidentally, the perfect match our business cards with foil cut or color cut . Or to our notebook, Wolf Notes . But the stamp gives your business paper this rough style of tools.

No matter where you use it, the stamp always cuts a fine figure.

Production time: approx. 5 working days

Motifs in the product images are only examples.

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Format: 80 ✕ 50 mm
Schriftgröße: mindestens 7 Pt, bzw. 2,5 mm Versalhöhe; die dünnste Schriftlinie muss mindestens 0,4 mm stark sein. Linienstärke von Gestaltungslinien: mindestens 1 Punkt (0,4 mm)
Dateiformat: Bitte legen Sie das Motiv als Schwarz-Weiß-Bitmap an
Auflösung: 600 dpi
Mögliche Formate: pdf.